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Miss C


Jessica Christenson, a.k.a. Miss C., camp owner and operator, was born in Parry Sound and grew up on the grounds of the camp.  She has a bachelor's degree in education at the primary/junior level, as well as a diploma from the Toronto Montessori Institute for teaching children ages six to twelve.  She has 14 years' experience teaching and coordinating the elementary program at a reputable Montessori school in the greater Toronto area.

Thanks to Jessica's family (whom are guest teachers and resident elders), Jessica’s childhood memories are filled with outdoor adventures with her two sisters and other local community friends. When not in school, her backyard became her classroom. She spent her days catching frogs, building forts, climbing in her dad’s homemade jungle gym, hiking, swimming, collecting bugs and rocks, making mud potions, and using guide books to identify plants, animal tracks, insects etc. Her dad would quickly embrace any emerging interests his daughters showed and would provide endless opportunities for growth in those areas. Her mom networked with community moms to ensure that her daughters had friends to play with as often as possible and never let on if she worried when they were off exploring in the wilderness out of her line of sight.  Jessica believes these experiences shaped who she is; her independence, confidence, and profound connection to and respect for the natural world.  This passion is what drives her vision for the camp.

The Philosophy

A central component of the Montessori philosophy of education is the child as the driving force for learning.   It is understood that children have a natural desire to learn and are capable of independently initiating their own learning with adults as guides.  The key role of the adult is to have prepared an environment that allows for the child to naturally explore and learn independently.  Miss C is taking this philosophy into the wilderness!


The 2022 Camps

Summer 2022 was a successful Pilot Season! - Jessica & Jeff are still in the process of designing trails and play areas and developing the curriculum. Proceeds from any camps will go towards the future growth of the business. Given the location of the grounds, there is a possibility of offering daily transportation to and from the camp with a designated location in Parry Sound for drop-off and pick-up. This will be dependent on securing the necessary funds and insurance.

The main focus of this summer's camps were on wilderness safety, ecology and building a community.  The gradually became more independent within the designated boundaries of the woods.  They established a tribe and developed laws within their tribe to ensure the safety and well-being of all their members.  They built a 'home base' and were given daily assignments to be accomplished as well as free time to play and explore as a group.  Daily lessons and structured activities were woven into their day. Topics, however, and the direction of their learning, evolved and changed based on their own ideas and interests.

Check back often and follow us on social media for updates on futures camps!

"The land is where our roots are.
The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth."
-Dr. Maria Montessori

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