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Play in the forest
Nature Day Camp and Play Centre


Be a part of something new and exciting!

Nestled in the greater area of Parry Sound, Ontario, along the Shebeshekong River, Dillon Woods is brand new and in its first year! The camp welcomes children ages six to twelve who are ready to engage in a meaningful experience away from home and within nature.  This summer offered three five-day camps, that were very successful.   

Miss C, camp owner and operator, and elementary teacher of 14 years, has a vision of turning her childhood home, and family's homestead, into a hub for learning and playing in nature.  She and her husband moved to the property on June 30th 2022, from Keswick, Ontario, and are working hard on a variety of projects that will provide fun and educational activities for campers.


The camp's focus is inspired by the 'forest school' learning model as well as Miss C's background in the Montessori approach of student-directed learning.  It's all about disconnecting from technology and reconnecting to the natural world.  Through various structured and unstructured outdoor play experiences, with learning opportunities driven by the children and guided by a trained adult, (Miss C), the children will develop skills in problem-solving, risk assessment, cooperation, and communication, while making themselves at home in the wilderness. This approach develops confidence and self-esteem through learner inspired, hands-on experiences in a natural setting.

Nature Camps 2022


Kids in Vegetable Farm

Nature Camp I

Nature Camp II

Nature Camp III

July 18 - July 22


Aug. 15 - Aug. 19


Aug. 29 - Sept. 2



18 Christenson Trail, Carling, ON P0G1G0


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